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Zack Martin “super grateful” after working out new deal with Cowboys

Cowboys right guard Zack Martin arrived at the team’s training camp on Monday after agreeing to the reworked contract that he’s been looking for all offseason.

The Cowboys added $8.5 million to Martin’s compensation over the final two years of his deal and bumped him closer to the top of the list of best-paid guards in the league. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had indicated the team had other plans for that money, but Martin said the two men met face-to-face last week and that conversation helped get the wheels turning toward their eventual agreement.

“I just think I’ve been here a long time. I’ve accomplished some great things but just felt like where I was in the market that it’s something that had been deserved and felt strongly about it,” Martin said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.com. “Obviously it took a little time, but I’m super grateful to the Joneses. Once we started talking and having that connection we were able to figure something out that worked for both of us.”

Martin said he’ll take things “year by year” once his current deal is up following the 2024 season and hopes that he’ll “start feeling good and start feeling like I’m ready to rock” after a couple of weeks of practice.

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