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Weather with alarm forecast comes to Google Clock on Pixel 8, Android 14 QPR1

Google Clock 7.6 fully rolled out with Pixel Watch alarm sync this week, and now the weather integration is seeing wider availability on the Pixel 8 series and Android 14 QPR1.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro on Android 14, as well as phones enrolled in the QPR1 Beta, feature a system-level “Weather” (com.google.android.apps.weather) service that powers this Google Clock integration.

In the Clock tab, you’ll get the current temperature and the day’s high/low for every city. Tap “Add local weather” to set it up and grant the necessary location permission. As part of the version 7.6 UI tweak, both the clock and weather are centered at the top.

You will also get this information in Clock’s World widget. However, it unfortunately requires a lot of space on your homescreen (at least 4×3).

In Settings, you’ll get a new “Change temperature units” shortcut at the bottom of the “Clock” subsection. This opens Android’s “Regional preferences” page to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Once enabled, there is currently no option to disable the weather integration. That settings shortcut appears to be new to this rollout wave as it previously was “Local weather on clock.”

Meanwhile, you can now enable a fullscreen “Weather forecast” when alarms go off. It can note the current temperature and condition, what to expect later in the day (high/low), and a preview of tomorrow’s conditions. Tap “Ok thanks” to dismiss. 

The rollout for weather in Google Clock has been somewhat erratic. It appeared monetarily with QPR1 Beta 2 at the start of October and was pulled server-side shortly after before coming back in waves for some users.

As of today, we’re seeing it on a much larger swath of devices, including a Pixel 8 on Android 14 and QPR1, as well as the Pixel Fold and several other devices on the Beta Program. It’s not live on Pixel phones or tablets running the stable Android 14 (October security patch) release. All other Pixel owners should expect this with the December Feature Drop.

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