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Turkish innovations revolutionizing energy sector exploration

Türkiye continues its unwavering commitment to technological investments in addition to alternative energy sources. A concerted drive to alleviate energy dependency encompasses not only renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydrometeorology but also forays into technological augmentation for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration, aimed at streamlining the toil of industry professionals. This vigorous thrust in research and development is manifesting encouraging outcomes.

Critical Implications for Field Drilling

Investments in the energy sector are fostering the production of domestic and national equipment. The ongoing pursuit of locating and extracting local resources persists unabated, as newly identified deposits swiftly contribute to national economic growth. In this context, deep-sea oil and natural gas exploration and production drilling operations continue offshore, while searches on land persist.

Electrical protection device invented

In line with this, a pioneering accomplishment takes center stage—an electrical protection device to measure the potential generated by underground electric current and to disconnect devices from the power sources in instances of operational anomalies. This game-changing electrical safeguard device, conceived by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA), comprises the SP-Resistivity Probe and Thermal Probe—technological assets seamlessly transitioned into active field deployment. The technology is expected to enhance efficiency in MTA’s operations.

Augmenting efficiency is the goal

Substantial investments are being made to employ domestic and national equipment in the production of products destined for the market. The General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration is ensuring the domestic production of devices and equipment used in geophysical surveys. Moreover, it is anticipated that the relevant discoveries will be more actively utilized by both private and public sector companies. The increased efficiency in drilling operations, where power sources are of paramount importance, will prevent interruptions, thereby achieving peak performance and productivity.

Main author: Merve Safa Akıntürk

Translated by: Khan Muhammad An Nazmus Saqib

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