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The London Question: Why are gyms in London so expensive?


he cost-of-living crisis is making me fatter. My £35 monthly ClassPass fee used to get me into four or five of the capital’s best exercise classes each month. I’d supplement that with at-home yoga and the occasional run. It did the job; it kept me trim(ish) and sane. I now pay £40 and rarely make this stretch to more than two monthly workouts. I can’t solely blame inflation for my upwardly mobile dress size, but it certainly hasn’t helped.

A YouGov poll has found that 10 percent of the population — more than five million people — have had to cancel or are thinking about cancelling their gym membership due to financial pressures. It’s worse in London with a survey by London Sport showing that a third say the crisis has impacted their ability to be active. It gets grimmer still for ethnic minorities as 57 per cent say they are struggling to stay fit.

With soaring inflation and rocketing rents, few of us have the disposable income for gym memberships

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