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Robinhood’s Crypto Wallet Adds Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Robinhood Markets Inc. on Wednesday added wallet support for bitcoin (BTC) and dogecoin (DOGE), increasing the breadth of its crypto wallet beyond the Ethereum ecosystem.

All users of Robinhood wallet can now send and receive BTC and DOGE, the company said in an emailed statement. It said its six-month-old wallet has hundreds of thousands of users spread across 140 countries.

Previously, that wallet was restricted to sending and receiving ether (ETH) and tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain – much like Metamask. But Robinhood said its customers wanted more assets on more chains, leading to the product expansion.

The company also on Wednesday began rolling out swap features for “select users” that allow them to trade ether for over 200 different assets. The wallet is capable of charging users gas fees – the price for transacting on Ethereum – from any tokens they hold, not just ETH. All users will have access to the swap feature in the coming weeks, Robinhood said.

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