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Politics latest news: Sunak insists Tories ‘remain committed’ to pensions triple lock

Rishi Sunak has insisted the Tories “remain committed” to the state pension triple lock but refused to commit to keeping the policy in place beyond the next general election. 

There is a growing debate in Westminster over the long term affordability of the pledge which ensures pensions rise by the highest of three metrics: average earnings, inflation or 2.5 per cent.

Stephen Flynn, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, asked Mr Sunak at Prime Minister’s Questions: “Will he commit his party, the Conservative Party, to maintaining the state pension triple lock beyond the next general election, yes or no?” 

Mr Sunak replied: “This is the party that introduced the triple lock. This is the party that has delivered a £3,000 increase in the state pension since 2010.”

The premier said the Tory record on pensions was “clear” and “there is one party in this House that has always stood up for our pensioners and that is the Conservative Party”. 

Mr Flynn pointed out that Mr Sunak had not answered his question and asked: “Who does he think will scrap the state pension triple lock first, his Government or the Labour Party’s government?”

Mr Sunak highlighted ongoing support for pensioners in Scotland and said: “This is the Government that introduced and remains committed to the triple lock but he does raise a good point. 

“Pensioners in Scotland should know the reason they can rely on the state pension, not just today but for years to come, is because of the strength of our Union and the strength of our United Kingdom Government.”

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