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HT This Day: September 3, 1945 — New constitution for China

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, speaking at the opening the preparatory commission for the inauguration of a constitutional Government, gave a clear-cut picture of his attitude towards Communists and promised the people that a National Assembly to inaugurate the constitutional Government would be convened on November 12, subject to the approval of the Kuomintang Congress which meets in May.

HT This Day: September 3, 1945 — New constitution for China

Generalissimo Chiang said that upon inauguration of constitutional government all political parties will have legal status and enjoy equality. The Government has offered to recognize the Communist Party as soon as it agrees to incorporate its army and local administration in the national army and Government. “ That offer still stands, “ Generalissimo Chiang declared.

In a long speech, Generalissimo Chiang said that China must emerge from the war as a united nation. “ A united nation can effectively perform the tasks of political and economic reconstruction to raise the lot of our toiling masses, and handle the problem of external relations in a new unchartered world. Before the Japanese invasion we were a united nation. Today but for the Communists and their armed forces, we are a united nation. There are no independent war lords or local governments challenging the central authority. To meet any fear the Communists may have the Government expressed its willingness for the duration of the war to place an American General in command of the Communist forces under my overall command as Supreme Commander, provided the United States agreed The Communists rejected the offer. “

“No one mindful of the future of 450 million people would wish to plunge the country into civil war. The Government is always ready to confer with the Communists to bring about a real lasting settlement “

Generalissimo Chiang said that, the Kuomintang would return the supreme power to the people through the instrumentality of a national assembly and meanwhile would be ready to admit other parties to share in Government, but definitely it could not abdicate to a loose combination of parties. Such a surrender would not mean returning power to the people.

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