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Ham, turkey and meat brand opening permanent location in eastern Idaho – East Idaho News

IDAHO FALLS – World-famous Honey Baked Hams is opening a permanent location in Idaho Falls this fall.

Scott Temme, the company’s franchise sales development manager, tells EastIdahoNews.com it’s slated to open the first or second week of November at 3500 South 25th East, Suite 1.

The Idaho Falls location will be the Gem State’s second store.

“We’re very excited (to have a permanent home in Idaho Falls). We opened in Boise last October,” Temme says. “We’re really happy about our growth (in eastern Idaho).”

The company is looking to add 60 stores to its nationwide footprint, and Idaho Falls is a place executives felt it could thrive.

“We have an analytic tool that spots demographic areas that fit our profile. Based on the 440 stores that exist in our brand, it predicts a demographic profile of a market that is underserved and doesn’t have a store. We project that Idaho Falls should do very well with our brand,” says Temme.

Honey Baked Ham advertises itself as “the world’s best ham.” Its products include hardwood-smoked, spiral-cut ham with sweet, crunchy glaze. It also offers smoked and roasted turkey breasts, frozen side dishes and desserts, along with a full line of lunch and catering options.

The first Honey Baked Ham store opened in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan, according to its website. Harry Hoenselaar started it based on an idea he had for a new way to cut ham.

“He knew of a new spiral slicing machine for a ham. He sketched it out in the middle of the night on a pad of paper. It evolved into a device he built in his garage that had a broomstick handle, a chef’s knife and a sewing machine engine,” says Temme.

Harry honey baked ham
Harry Hoenselaar with his spiral-cutting machine. | Courtesy Honey Baked Ham

His invention continued to evolve and the business grew throughout Michigan, and ultimately became a nationwide franchise. Today, there are 440 locations across the U.S.

John and Zina Chioomark are the franchisees of the Idaho Falls store. They could not be reached for comment.

Temme is thrilled to bring new jobs to the area and contribute to the local economy. He’s excited for customers in “this neck of the woods” to experience “honey baked happiness.”

“We’re always excited to see a Honey Baked Ham store coming to an area that didn’t currently have one,” he says.

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