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China’s economic data has been ‘outright alarming’ this week: Analyst

China’s central bank slashes its lending and repurchase rates as economists watch with bated breath over whether the world’s second-largest economy can reverse the course of its slowdown.

Exante Data Inc. Founder and CEO Jens Nordvig joins Yahoo Finance Live to break down the concerns in China’s economic situation, touching upon the “extremely severe tension in [China’s] real estate sector” and the levels of “incoherence in the policy framework.”

“We are in a policy vacuum where there seems to be some internal disagreement about what should be the policy from here and that’s creating a lag and a delay and that is making markets very, very uncomfortable,” Nordvig says. “And you’re seeing that in the price action very clearly.”

Nordvig outlines where China’s economic weakness could impact foreign markets, while also turning to Japan’s GDP growth and Russia’s interest rate hikes amid falling value in the ruble.

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