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Air France Boeing 777 from Tokyo to Paris Diverts to Shannon

In the last few hours, an Air France Boeing 777 from Tokyo to Paris diverted to Shannon, Ireland. It is unclear yet whether it was due to today’s NATS outage in the UK.

Air France Flight AF275 From Tokyo to Paris: Diverts to Shannon…

Air France Boeing 777 from Tokyo to Paris Diverts to Shannon
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

The flight was operated by F-GZNP, one of the carrier’s eight year old Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, as per data from RadarBox.

The aircraft was operating the AF275 rotation from Tokyo’s Narita Airport, which saw the jet fly eastbound over the tip of Alaska and Canada, through much of Greenland, and then South towards Paris CDG when the decision was made to divert to Shannon, Ireland.

On its descent into the Irish airport, no 7700 squawk transmission was made, with the aircraft landing into the diversion point at 1731 CEST time.

Data provided by RadarBox.com.

At the time of writing (1815 UK time 28/8/23), the aircraft is back in the air following its diversion into Shannon, and continued on to Paris CDG.

As mentioned above, it is unclear as of yet whether this diversion was caused by the UK air traffic control technical issue experienced by NATS today, as the aircraft would have used UK airspace to fly down to the French capital.

The issue began at around midday today, with it being supposedly solved by 15:15 UK time. NATS said the following in a statement:

“We have identified and remedied the technical issue affecting our flight planning system this morning.”

“We are now working closely with airlines and airports to manage the flights affected as efficiently as possible.”

“Our engineers will be carefully monitoring the system’s performance as we return to normal operations”.

This is a developing story. More to follow.

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